The testimonials included here are completely true and its have been provided by employees on a voluntary basis.

Andrea, Italy Technical Department Manager

Andrea Tesolín
“Working at EDICOM means living in an environment of excellence. It means feeling the pride, satisfaction and responsibility of being part of the project of a multinational company in rapid global escalation in the technology sector. Constant innovation, the search for ongoing improvement, the strong team spirit and the individual contribution of each of the employees are some of the key aspects of our success. Through courses, tutorials and specific training we aim to place each person in the best conditions to develop according to their career plan. The values ​​that I would highlight and that identify us are trust,

Italy Technical Department Manager

Carlos, Software Integrator

I studied Telecommunications Engineering in Granada, my home town. What prompted me to move to Valencia was the job offer from EDICOM. Thanks to a job fair, I got to know the company and they presented me with a professional career plan that suited what I was looking for. There are many things that keep me in EDICOM. First and foremost is the quality of the people I’m surrounded by. You don’t usually get to choose your work colleagues, and here I can say that I’ve been really lucky. As for the career plan, it is working out nicely and

Software Integrator

Miguel, EDI Consultant

What convinced me about EDICOM is the fact that it is a benchmark technology company in the international scope, with everything that entails. Highlights include the daily use of several languages, a serious training plan (initial and ongoing) and an excellent professional projection. What keeps me going from day-to-day day is my colleagues, ranging from those who set out on this adventure almost 25 years ago until the last to join, all with essential values ​​to continue to make headway in the same direction. Likewise, the magnificent moments that we share outside of work at events that bring us closer

EDI Consultant

Giulia, EDI Consultant Support

Giulia Merluzzi
I graduated in Genoa, Italy, in Biomedical Engineering. Looking for a job, I “unexpectedly” ended up in Spain. I’ve been working for EDICOM for just over a year now and when I arrived I didn’t know the city or the language (the EDICOM training was in English, instead of in Spanish). At EDICOM, I started as a Technical Consultant in the Consulting Department. Now I work in the Support Department, where every day we provide technical assistance to clients, meeting their needs. It is a role that calls for technical knowledge and —mainly— empathy with customers. This is why my

EDI Consultant Support

Àngel, EDI Consultant

Àngel Sanchis
At the end of my PhD in Telecommunications, I decided to make the leap to the private sector. However, it wasn’t easy for me to find companies in Valencia that offered me what I was looking for. When I heard about EDICOM, for the first time I was encouraged to present my candidacy and now, after a little more than a year, I can say that I am very satisfied with the decision I made. From the very first day they offered me an indefinite contract, a reasonable salary, a serious career plan and the possibility of professional development. Today,

EDI Consultant

Pablo, Project Leader

Pablo Project Leader

EDICOM is different thanks to the human quality of the people who make it work. There are many jobs, even some better paid, but I really value the atmosphere of my workplace, after all these are people I’m sharing nine hours with every day, almost a third of my life! I’ve had the chance to be in several departments and I’m really glad to see that in each of them there are good people, from top to bottom, without exception. It’s much easier to deal with day-to-day problems if you know that you’re surrounded by people brimming with

Project Leader

José Luis, Global Head of Customer Service

José Luis Martínez

Each day is a challenge, in which I know I won’t be alone. Good work and dedication are valued and allow you to achieve your goals… so that you can set yourself others. Our place is defined by effort and

José Luis
Global Head of Customer Service

Antonio, International Project Manager

Antonio International Project Manager

The teamwork methodology is really constructive and in addition to creating a great working atmosphere, facilitates professional development individually. Belonging to a cutting-edge technology company in constant growth. The company’s international outlook and the possibilities of maintaining and improving the level of several languages

International Project Manager

Dmytro, Senior EDI Consultant Support

Dmytro, Senior EDI Consultant Support

Being under management that makes me feel like being in a family is a pleasure. I thank the human side showing up at EDICOM. Being part of such a big company that from its birth until now has cared about the details like a family makes me happy. As the studies claim, in the biggest companies the values and priorities that the management have are naturally transmitted until the lowest steps in the chain of

Senior EDI Consultant Support

Víctor, International Project Manager

Victor Pellicer 2

Within a few months, Edicom tried me out and showed me the true meaning of teamwork, which made me understand the importance of being ordered and organized. I can state that the effort to master these skills, together with willingness and a good attitude, will ensure rapid growth within

International Project Manager