The testimonials included here are completely true and its have been provided by employees on a voluntary basis.

Cristina, International Project Leader (Spain)

I met EDICOM through an offer in the UPV, and I was attracted by the job stability and international projection that they offered. Nowadays, each project presents a different challenge to overcome, with the learning that entails. I like to have the opportunity to help colleagues as well as learn from them, to be able to grow technically. To highlight the human quality of the team that integrates EDICOM; I have always felt the support of my colleagues, and what is more important, in complex situations we work side by side to solve any problem and to satisfy the needs

International Project Leader

César, Consulting Manager


I decided to join EDICOM because I was offered very good working conditions: career plans, good salary and clarity. After some years in EDICOM, I can definitely say that my job intellectually challenges me and there is an excellent working environment. Another big asset is the excellence of our human team: one of the key strengths of EDICOM is precisely its people. In addition, other things like the international environment, the salary and working conditions, flexible working hours, recreational activities…make EDICOM a great place to be.

Consulting Manager

Jaime Iván, EDI Consultant Support


EDICOM encourages me to keep on learning, not only new languages, but also new ways of working professionally, such as direct contact with the client and proprietary tools with a uniquely developed solution. Something that I really like is the strong focus on teamwork, not only among consultants and ETM project leaders, but also with the different EDICOM departments. The good working atmosphere is always a great motivator, and in my experience, this is one of EDICOM ’s great strengths, which serves to unite us in a working system focused on interaction with colleagues. This type of dynamic is one

Jaime Iván
EDI Consultant Support

Jesús, International Project Manager


It’s a constant challenge that obliges me to grow professionally and personally, where you can never know enough and there is always something new to learn.

International Project Manager

Rodolfo, International Project Manager


I can just see myself staying with EDICOM for many years, because it has all the elements necessary to give me personal projection and growth. For me it’s important to feel secure in my workplace. EDICOM gives me peace of mind and stability, as it’s a leading international firm in its area and develops its own solutions, which gives it added value. In EDICOM I’ve been able to develop personally and professionally, plus it is a company open to dialogue and constantly concerned about keeping employee skills updated.

International Project Manager

Juan Josue, International Project Leader Support


EDICOM is a company in the international scope, so it encourages its workers to continue to develop and concentrate efforts to maintain its prestige, honour and dedication through teamwork and personal enhancement.This is why I’m proud and it encourages me to keep on working in this great family that is EDICOM.

Juan Josue
International Project Leader Support

Iván, International Talent Recruiter & Health and Safety Officer


From my previous experience as an outside consultant, working with EDICOM as a client meant professional transparency, commitment and always exquisite treatment. All of this makes working for the company a great opportunity and a matter of pride.

International Talent Recruiter & Health and Safety Officer

Antonio, Senior EDI Consultant IPM Support


First of all, I like to respond to the best of my abilities to the chance they gave me in the company when they decided to engage my services, by carrying out the tasks assigned to me diligently. Secondly, having the chance to develop professionally, following the company’s own work ethic. We’re talking about a leading company worldwide in its sector with renowned prestige. Moreover, EDICOM treats its employees really well, offering us a reasonable working schedule compatible with family life, continuous training, a health card, sports facilities (a gym, paddle tennis, etc.), company lunches and dinners or trips to

Senior EDI Consultant IPM Support

Javier, International Project Manager


I like working in EDICOM because it enables me to keep on speaking friends with clients. Moreover, I really like the atmosphere we have among co-workers.

International Project Manager

María Asunción, International Project Leader Support


As for me, I’d highlight the confidence they placed in me. They’ve always treated me with respect and the company has always kept its promises. This gives you confidence and stability, which is enough.

María Asunción
International Project Leader Support