The testimonials included here are completely true and its have been provided by employees on a voluntary basis.

Sergio, Account Manager


EDICOM is one of the best technology firms in the Valencian Community, with ongoing growth and a magnificent working atmosphere. Thanks to EDICOM’s ample client portfolio, we are in constant contact with important international partners. Details such as the summer lunches, Christmas dinners, bowling championships or conventions are things which, aside from work, make you feel good about working for

Account Manager

Francisco Javier, Sales Director MX&CAM

Working for EDICOM has given me the chance to get to know a whole world of new possibilities. The EDI world was a mystery to me and at Edicom I’ve learnt about it in depth. The specialist training has enabled me to grow professionally. The openness and trust that Edicom has placed in me has always encouraged me to do my best. The professionalism and humanism in the team is the perfect blend that makes work a daily activity that I enjoy. The company’s economic stability has always resulted in my economic peace of mind. The executive board’s clear and

Francisco Javier
Sales Director MX&CAM

Juan, USA/Brazil Technical Department Manager

USA/Brazil Technical Department Manager

Ramiro, Sales Manager Mexico


I love working for EDICOM, because it’s a company that understands that its main strength is its human capital. EDICOM is a company that lives by actions, not

Sales Manager Mexico

Jorge, International Project Leader Support

Every detail, no matter how small, gives you a boost and makes you part of the company’s growth. It’s a company that listens, values and creates. The chance to get to know a lot of people (colleagues) with different languages, cultures… Safe in the knowledge of being in a very stable company. Chance to work in different areas of the company, or even relocation to other posts. Possibility of ongoing promotion; it’s a company that’s expanding. Ongoing improvement, both professional and personal. Organized events that foster improved relations among colleagues. It’s a company that listens, values and creates. Personally, the

International Project Leader Support

Alfredo, SII Consultant Support

I work for EDICOM because the company is a leader in the EDI industry and that means stability and security in life. I’d like to stay with the company, because it looks after employees on the personal, affective and emotional side. For example, providing facilities in the event of any family emergency, holding company dinners or lunches, corporate conventions, annual medical checks, private medical insurance for employees, agreements with other entities such as Private Colleges, etc. I’d also like to continue with EDICOM because it gives me the opportunity of ongoing training in different languages, and nowadays that is basic

SII Consultant Support