The EDICOM I+D+S team: who they are and what they do

We have eight R&D teams and four in Systems, organized on the basis of SCRUM and KANBAN agile methodologies.

Do you see yourself as a Software Engineer or Systems Engineer at EDICOM? If the answer is YES, don’t miss out on the chance to join our R+D+S team. Here’s a little more info about it.

Who forms part of R+D+S

We are a department consisting of more than 100 people between R&D (Development) and Systems. The majority are IT or Telecommunications engineers. There are also technicians in IT-related studies.

What does Development do?

The Development Area designs and implements our Full Stack applications. Our cloud is nourished by our own developments, so it is essential to work with the most advanced technologies to achieve very high-quality software. And this is where you come into play.

In general, the developments are based on Java with Spring for the backend part and JavaScript with Angular on the frontend. What do you think – do you know them?

It is very important that the design is functional, correct and capable of running on cloud platforms at high performance. It is a software that will integrate millions of daily messages.

Our platforms are high-performance, so the software has to be properly analysed, perfectly implemented and have the necessary testing cycles at all levels.

We keep up to date in new technologies and we invest in R&D because it is the core of our business. If we did not invest in it, it would be impossible to evolve the growth of the platform in terms of message processing. As a company, we are always at the cutting edge or in search of technologies that allow us to grow continuously.

What does Systems do?

The Systems Area works hand in hand with Development. It mainly provides the cloud platform to be able to run the applications compiled by Development.

We have our own cloud, which we started designing in 2003 and have been evolving year by year. Our aim is to comply with the commitment of a maximum quality level in the service provided to our clients in three crucial variables: availability of the e-Commerce platform, maximum resolution time for incidents and updating of software versions.

And here is where technology again becomes our best resource. We work with ElasticSearch as a metadata search and storage engine; storage of objects in CEPH; relational database engine with MySQL…

We currently have a large number of servers that become the feed for virtual platforms to mount Kubernetes clusters in order to run applications in containers and microservices that allow us infinite scalability as long as you provide an infrastructure from behind.

How is R+D+S organized?

We have eight R&D teams and four in Systems, organized on the basis of SCRUM and KANBAN agile methodologies. Working under these methodologies encourages teamwork, self-management and the transfer of knowledge that enhances professional growth.

We always want to grow and so do our people. Find out about all our job offers in the R+D+ S area.