Tips on how to grow as a programmer

The EDICOM Development Team tells us what makes them evolve and progress every day as developers.

What makes you a better programmer? We asked the EDICOM Development Team, consisting of 60 professionals, what makes them evolve and progress every day as developers. Here are their replies.

Continuous learning to face the challenges that you come across along the way is essential. Some of the ideas they tell us are about “not being (believing) you are the best programmer, but always striving to be” and “recycling yourself every day”. The drive to grow and improve yourself is linked with “never losing the enthusiasm for learning something new”. Being motivated and passionate about what you do is crucial.

Another of the keys to improving as a developer is being self-taught and trying to put things into practice. To do so, it is essential to “look at how others did it and try to understand why they did it that way”. “Create projects on your own to continue learning” too.

On the other hand, being diligent and effective is essential in order to stay focused and know what is really important to achieve goals and overcome challenges. As a tip, it is just as important to “focus on achieving the result and not getting tied up in technological issues that are beyond the scope of the project” as “completely closing all aspects of your programming, as any lack of definition is a potential bug”.

Finally, being open-minded, receptive and creative will help you “apply to development whatever advice you are given in life”.

And you – what makes you a better programmer?


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